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I began Shuswap Computer in in the summer of 2015 in Salmon Arm, BC where I ran a full repair shop, servicing computers, tablets and smartphones. Over the course of three years my business grew to include over 1300 clients. In addition to home users, I provided regular support to several local businesses. In the fall of 2018 I closed the shop and relocated to Calgary, AB. Today I continue to provide computer help to many of my original Shuswap clients remotely.

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About Ben

I graduated from SAIT in 2008 with a diploma in Network Engineering Technology, a program that included advanced computer networking, servers, wireless technology, security, desktop hardware, project managements, and communication. Upon graduating I began working in an IT department at a law firm in Calgary. I spent the next 7 years there until Moving the Salmon Arm to start Shuswap Computer.

How it works

Follow these simple steps to get remote help

Book Appointment

Book your appointment online using the booking form this website. This form allows you to select a date and time, and to provide me with your contact information, as well as a description of the help you would like to receive.

Get Confirmation

I will send you a confirmation email once I have checked your booking request, and have made sure the time will work. If there is a conflict I will let you know, otherwise the appointment will go ahead at the time you have chosen.

Wait for My Call

At the time of the appointment I will call you and connect to your screen using a special link I will email you, or with a code I can give you over the phone which can enter into the Connect Now page on this site.

Pay Invoice

At the conclusion of the appointment I will email you an invoice based on the length of the remote session. You can pay this invoice securely online with a credit card or with an e-transfer. A cheque can also be mailed to me if you prefer.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do appointment usually last?

The length of the appointment depends on the issue you need help with. Most appointments are from 45-90 minutes in length.

Is it safe to allow someone onto my computer remotely?

It is safe if the person is known and trusted. There are many criminals on the internet who would like you to believe they want to help, but are really wanting to scam you. I have built my customer base in the Shuswap area over several years and most of my customers have met me in person. I also use secure, temporary remote software that does not stay running on your computer once the remote session has ended.

Is it better to take my computer in to a physical repair shop?

If the issue you need help with requires a physical repair, then you will need to bring it in to  local shop. This might include a failing hard drive or other physical problems, or a hardware upgrade. Certain software related tasks, such as reinstalling an operating system, may also require the help of a local shop. There are many other types of issues that I can assist with remotely that do not require being physically at the computer. This can be more convenient and it might also save you some money. If I have worked with you in the past you may also prefer to continue receiving help from someone you know and trust, which I am happy to do.

Why might the appointment not actually start until up to 30 minutes after the scheduled time?

On my booking page and in the confirmation emails you receive, I indicate that the actual start time might be up to 30 minutes past the scheduled time. This is due to my own family life and sometimes requiring a few extra minutes before I can begin the appointment and give you my full attention.

What happens if you aren't able to resolve my issue within the allotted time?

I do have some flexibility to continue working beyond the end of the regular scheduled appointment time. I normally only accept one appointment per evening, so there is no concern about having to end due to another appointment. If your needs will take longer than is reasonable for one evening though, I may need to finish things up the next day. In this case I will let you know, and leave the remote software connected overnight. I may be able to finish early the next morning, or at another point during the following day or evening.

If my issue takes more than a day to complete, how will I be charged?

I used Adjusted Time billing, which means I run a timer when I am physically working on your screen, and I pause it when I am not. In most cases what causes an appointment to run into the next day is automated software such and virus scanners that take a long time to complete. I pause the timer while this is going on and I am not doing anything else on your screen. So just because your appointment runs overtime does not nessesarily mean that your bill will end up being much higher than expected.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept credit card payments, Interac e-Transfer, and mailed cheques. Credit card payments can be made online using a Pay Now button in the invoice I send you, or by providing me with your credit card number over the phone (processed by Quickbooks). E-transfers can be sent to If you are paying by cheque I will provide you with the mailing address. Cheques can be made out to Shuswap Computer.